HV/LV Cable Analyser

Non-Invasive Analysis for High Voltage Armoured Cables

Mage Control Systems has developed a non-invasive cable analyser – a completely new and unique tool – as part of an OFGEM funded Open Innovation call for Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN). Initially, SPEN sought a new solution that could:

  • Detect the live status of buried armoured cables such as P.I.L.C, Waveform, PICAS, CORAL, CNE, XLPE 


  • Determine the voltage level – whether high or low – within a live cable (0V – 33kV)

Mage Control Systems was responsible for designing and assembling a set of handheld sensor clamps, designed to fit numerous cable diameters as well as a processor box to determine the results.

Using bespoke, innovative magnetometers coupled with inertial technology, the device does measure non-invasively cable statuses: i.e. Non-Energised, Voltage-Energised or Current-Energised.

3-core Cable testing

The cable analyser will also allow detection of voltage levels within the cable and the number of conductors and cores present. This device will enable the defective section of cable to be pinpointed within a distance of 1cm.

Our team is now exploring further design opportunities for its HV/LV cable analyser in both gas and marine environments.