Robotic Control and Actuation

Electronics for groundbreaking medical robots

We are working with Thistle Design and a group of industry and academic partners to develop Morow Ltd’s prototype robot that will enable people to learn to walk again after experiencing a stroke. The project’s main aim is to produce a working model that can be used for clinical trials. 

The Motorised Rehabilitation of Walking (MoRoW3) robot’s motion control system actuates machinery by utilising proprietary control algorithms and advanced adaptive control techniques.

Phase 1 of the development is now complete and Mage Control System’s work included:

  • Precision servo control and all electronics
  • Algorithms for walking motion
  • HMI development for use with medical tablet
  • High power density hardware design
  • Safety critical coding to DO178C standard

Mage Control Systems are delighted to have taken part in Phase 1 of the project and are pleased to note that we continue to be involved in Phase 2. The focus now is to add further functionality to the robot that will enable the already proven motion control system to respond more specifically to the nuances of individual patient biometric profiles.