COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Update

As developments continue to unfold with the current global health pandemic, we at Mage Control Systems are taking proactive steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as much as we can.

The safety of our people and those close to them as well as our ongoing work for our clients, remain our absolute priorities as we work through this difficult time together. Therefore, as a business, we have taken heed of the official health and well-being advice already issued. We believe that it is crucial that regular and proper hygiene and hand-washing takes place to prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace. However, we realise that further measures are needed to help our team stay well.

You can stay informed by visiting this NHS page for advice here in the UK

We have undertaken risk assessments for all staff and have arranged for the majority of our team to work remotely from home. Since some of our people travel from outside East Kilbride to get to work, we do this regularly with the support of technology and good workload management processes. Our teams have been great at staying connected when working on projects by using communication channels such as Skype, Slack, Webex and email. We are now making arrangements for all of us to do the same, staying socially connected and professionally productive.

Many of our clients in the UK and across the globe are familiar with web-based, virtual meetings routinely held with our team. We are confident this can continue without disruption; however, we, like many organisations are taking sensible precautions and cancelling a number of face-to-face meetings and event attendance. We trust our clients and stakeholders will understand and respect this temporary measure.

We would also encourage all to put the health and safety of staff and their families into sharp priority at this time and where possible, to plan pro-active measures to help address the spread of COVID-19.