Santander SME Internship Programme

Mage Control Systems Ltd has recently welcomed Emily Rankin as a Project Management Intern supported by the Santander SME Internship Programme.

Mage Control has been previously supported by the Santander programme along with several university partners: Glasgow University, Strathclyde University, Stirling University, Glasgow Caledonian University and latterly, Edinburgh Napier University, where Emily is due to graduate from later this year.

Emily Ranking - Mage Control Systems
   Emily Rankin –  Project Management Intern

Facilitated by the Santander programme since 2017, the company has been able to provide successful undergraduate internships which proved to be a very effective recruitment method for Mage. To date, 4 graduates who had completed Santander funded internships with Mage have been hired full-time, thus helping the company’s remarkable growth from 5 people in 2016 to 23 in 2021. An agreement has also been made to hire a graduate engineer in the summer of 2021, again arising from a successful summer internship.

Our HR Administrator, Maryam joined Mage full-time as a graduate in HR and Psychology from Stirling University in May 2020. She had completed a Santander Internship in the previous year and also won a STAR Award for her performance in that role. Maryam was directly involved in Emily’s recruitment and worked alongside Holly Whale at Edinburgh Napier and Lindsey McArthur from Santander.

Maryam has seen this programme from both sides now, as a participant and now as a full-time staff member helping to recruit interns via the programme. Maryam said, “It has been very rewarding to give opportunities to students via this programme, especially in times such as these and I know from experience just how successful the programme can be”.

As Emily joins #TeamMage, she had this to say, “I’m so grateful to have the opportunity from the Santander Scheme and it has come at a really important time as I near the end of my studies. I’m confident this will provide some great opportunities once I graduate as it has already with Mage, I am looking forward to getting this experience with a professional engineering company”.

We look forward to continuing our partnerships with Scottish Universities and the Santander Programme to more provide opportunities in the future. We would also like to thank our partners and Santander, since the support to recruit excellent interns and funding to assist, has really helped our business grow. As an SME, we couldn’t have done this so quickly without such practical and expert support.